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One of your most immediate concerns is locating your new community and your new home. The real estate process in Canada is quite different than in other countries, so it's best to familiarize yourself with the process before you begin looking at available properties. It's also best to select a community to live in before looking at homes. This is not a difficult task as there are not nearly as many communities as where you are coming from. Before looking at available properties, you may wish to explore the following pages on this web site:

where you can access a great deal of helpful information about the real estate process in Canada.

Buyer's Agents & Seller's Agents

You may not be aware that in Canada there is an adversarial relationship between Buyer's Agents and Seller's Agents!

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If you would like a personalized webpage, tailored to your specific needs, such as number of bedrooms, style of home, location or listing price, and receive automatic updates within minutes of the property going on the market, please fill out the form titled 'Request a Personalized Website' on the 'Contact' tab or email: