For your move to Alberta, consider living in the thriving City of Airdrie                           

The City of Airdrie is a bustling city located 10 minutes north of Calgary on the Queen Elizabeth II Highway. Residents are able to live a small town lifestyle with all the amenities of a big city. Airdrie property choices include both new and established neighbourhoods, so there's something for everyone!

Given Airdrie's close proximity to Calgary, it's easy to commute daily to work in Calgary. This allows you to take advantage of Airdrie's reduced cost of living and small town atmosphere, while taking advantage of Calgary's many employment opportunities.

Find out more about Airdrie's population, schools, emergency services and climate here and for information regarding Airdrie events and business links, visit the Airdrie Chamber of Commerce site.

To get an idea of what life in Airdrie is like, check out the city's two newspapers:

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