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Spruce Meadows - Fran's Fun Days Out

September 27th, 2010

Spruce Meadows - Something for Everyone

     If horses are your thing, and I have to say they aren’t my cup of tea, then a must is Spruce Meadows.  I have never really been a horsey lover but I absolutely adored this place.  There are international show jumping events held year round.  Sometimes these can be a wee bit pricey but we enjoyed The Masters held in September for just $5 (look for ...

Home & Auto Insurance

September 21st, 2010
House and Contents Insurance     

Before you leave the UK it is wise to get a letter from your insurance company that states your insurance claims history. This will be necessary as you are required to have insurance on the home you purchase here (if there is any kind of a mortgage) from the date of possession. It will be to your financial benefit if you have a ‘no-claims’ history – your insu ...

Chapter 1 Departing the UK

September 15th, 2010

The Canada Story So Far…


Chapter One:  The Flight

Finally, On our way to our new home - Canada.  After we were dropped off at Heathrow by Sandra, Dave & Uncle Ken we took ourselves and the boys to the Air Canada check-in desk that was operated by a woman of epic intelligence, or rather ‘lack of’…  Whilst I was speaking to her I was aware of her glassy stare and vacant smile and this beca ...

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