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Attracting Skilled Workers from the UK

WHAT ARE YOU DOING to ensure your business isn't left behind in the scramble for skilled employees?  With unemployment in Alberta at 4.9%, the lowest in the country and one of the fastest growing economies in the world isn’t it time you considered recruiting internationally?  Your company can be proactive and differentiate yourself from competitors.  It can be hard to find a cost effective way to tap into the pool of talented people looking to immigrate to Alberta from the UK.

Working In offers two methods of doing just that. It isn’t a recruitment company, instead it is an international “recruitment solutions” company providing unique solutions for companies seeking hard-to-find talent overseas through their events and media. They hold events in the UK for employers to meet with skilled individuals and offer solutions to suit the diverse needs of Alberta employers and budgets.

The next Working In events are being held in London, Aberdeen and Manchester in mid to late March, 2012.  Consider sending your HR staff and fill your current and upcoming vacancies.   Have a look at  to see and hear from exhibitors (like myself!)  Attracting skilled workers from abroad is not a quick solution but if you have a good handle on the economy and have the vision to plan ahead then this is a good tool to have in your HR tool kit. 

Feel free to contact me if you have questions.  I have attended several of this events and can verify that the people at Working In really know how to pull in a crowd of talented people who are looking for work and looking to move to Canada.  403 650 0888


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