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Back in Alberta & Contest Winners

Arrived back home to my farm near Cochrane last evening and thought I should write a short blog on the success of the recent WorkingIn show.  These were very well attended and I heard from several 'real people' that the economy there is on the upswing at least for the moment.  Some very good skilled people are ready to immigrate, house is Sold, just waiting for the job offer before heading over.  One thing I have to say about the organizers of the WorkingIn shows - Spencer, Rech and the crew - they sure know how to pull in a crowd!

Now the important stuff - the winner of the draw prize in Manchester is David Busby, and from the winner of the draw prize in London is Antony Suma.  You have been sent emails notifying yourselves as the winners.  Please respond by 'replying' to the email or otherwise contacting me. 
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