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Caught the Perp

Caught the perp!  Two weekends ago I was showing acreages quite a way west of Water Valley and came upon an uncomfortable situation and suspicious individual.  Although I did not know it at the time the property had been illegally entered and items had been stolen.  We came upon the perp as he was leaving the property.  I did make note of the suspicious character as we passed him at an intersection.  That night I was contacted by the home owner and I was able to give the RCMP a statement and identify the suspicious character.  Yesterday I got a phone call that they found and arrested the individual because of my statement.  He was still in possession of the stolen property.

Point being - Realtors are bonded.  We are usually knowledgeable about areas and taught to pay attention to things that are out of the ordinary, people, situations and conditions.  Please make sure your doors are locked and make every effort to show serious traffic in and out of your home and driveway.  This perp looked for signs that someone recently left the property - tire tracks in fresh snow. Plus the home owner chose to not use their Realtor's lock box.  This was a crime of opportunity.  The door was left unlocked - The home owner will not likely provide this kind of easy access again.

While this isn't quite what I had in mind when I captured the tongue in cheek term 'House Detective' . . .  I guess if the gumshoe fits . . .

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