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Chapter 5a

Not much has happened over here in Canada since our last update.  Lauren has now passed her bus driving test and is now subbing on a route for the foreseeable future; she’s enjoying the work and gets to drive in a lovely village about 45 minutes away which is very, very posh!  Also, on the route Lauren often has to stop and let deer across.  Last Sunday we drove the route in our truck and happened across two you female Moose – the pictures are attached but they are a bit blurred.

My truck is amazing!!!  I am now officially a Redneck J  I have failed, after numerous attempts, to get it stuck and when I put it in two wheel drive (rear wheel) it is so, so, so much fun on the icy roads.

Like I said, not much is happening over here other than another deep-freeze over the last couple of days which took us from +10 to -22 overnight.  It is currently -12 today.

We do have one piece of very important news, which is that we are in the process of cancelling our wedding later this year.  To cut a long story short we have found out that Caverswall Castle does not have a permit to use the building as a wedding venue.  They didn’t have this license when we booked and it is only because of an article that Lauren read that we found out about it.  Lauren’s Dad is working hard, with a solicitor, to get the money we have paid back. 


That means we have pushed the wedding back to 2012 and we will be having it over here in Canada – probably up in the Rockies.  We’ve pushed it back so that people have time to save if they want to come but we don’t expect any of you to go to this effort or financial commitment.  We hope to return to the UK next year soon after the wedding to have a celebratory party for everyone over there.

Life continues to plod along over here.  As I drove home the other day with the Rockies in their full spectacular view in front of me, I was musing that how quickly I have come to take them for granted as well as all the other cool stuff we get to see.  As I was thinking this I drove past a big heard of dear, then a Coyote and then another heard of deer; it made me realize just how damn lucky we are to be here.

Well people, this is short and sweet.

I shall have to endanger myself in some other ways for your future amusement.



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