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Different Terminology

One of the conditions your Realtor will suggest for your Offer to Purchase is a Home Inspection, somewhat similar to what you call a survey but much more is involved.  A Home Inspection is carried out by a certified Home Inspector who will examine every aspect of your home.  He will examine the roofing materials, flashings, chimney, windows, insulation, plumbing, electrical, and foundation.  Further he will give you a written report for you to refer to later. 

When doing the home inspection he would like you and your spouse present for the entire 2.5 hour time as this is an opportunity to teach you about caring for a home in our climate as well as provide general maintenance and up-keep.  The cost for this service is less than $450.00 (unless there is significant mileage) and it is well worth the price.

While on the subject of Terminology - the word survey in Alberta means a measurement of the Land - we survey for the corner pins in a lot for example.  We used to use the word Survey to refer to a paper copy or diagram of the land but that proved insufficient for land transfer purposes.  We now use Real Property Report instead.  An RPR is a diagram of the land including all buildings, permanent fixtures and utility rights of way.

There are plenty of other words we use here that mean something entirely different in your country.  I'd love to explain all of them to you but half the fun is finding out for yourself.
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