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Home & Auto Insurance

House and Contents Insurance     

Before you leave the UK it is wise to get a letter from your insurance company that states your insurance claims history. This will be necessary as you are required to have insurance on the home you purchase here (if there is any kind of a mortgage) from the date of possession. It will be to your financial benefit if you have a ‘no-claims’ history – your insurance rates will be based on that history and you will have cheaper payments. On first blush your premiums will appear higher than you are used to but our insurance companies include the home’s contents. Unlike the UK there is no need for 2 separate policies.

Vehicle Insurance

The above advice applies to your vehicle insurance as well.  The insurance company in your country of origin will not give you a no claims letter until after you cancel your policy (after you are departing for Alberta) but have them forward one to your address or even as an email attachment to you.  It will help you in obtaining discounts on vehicle insurance if you can prove you have been driving without any accidents.  The letter should discuss all drivers in the family.

Driver's Licenses & Insurance

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