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A BIG Welcome to my Blog

revised portraitHi; 
     Welcome to the first entry in my real estate website Blog.  And a huge welcome to you if you are interested in relocating to this area.  Yup, some of the articles here were migrated over from my old site and the date shown is the date it was originally posted.  On this Blog I hope to share with you tons of information on Moving to Alberta and Living in Alberta. 
     First, CONGRATULATIONS on having that pioneer spirit, that get up and go attitude and that desire to try something new!  You are no stick in the mud - couch potato!  If you have any questions about life in Alberta please send me a quick email; I will be glad to answer as quick as possible.  After all - if you have that question, it is quite likely other people have that question too and I will post the answer on this Blog for other's benefit as well.  If you come across articles of interest that you think others would be interested - just send them along and I will post them here.  See you soon.  Chloe
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