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Currency Transfer

Money Transfer - A Critical Step

You want your money transferred to Canada in not only the most efficient manner possible but in the manner that will cost you the least for the service. One way of achieving this is to use a professional no-fee service. I have had several clients use HALO for this as they charge only a minimal fee, although they do charge an exchange rate it is better than the bank's exchange rate. You will need to contact them a couple of weeks prior to actually sending funds over. This is to set up your account and give them time to process your information. Due to new money laundering legislation money transfer sources must be verified for credibility before wiring. If you try to move your own money by way of bank cheque, money order or draft it will be frozen for 30 days or confiscated.

For prompt courteous service you can contact Seema Dhimer at Halo Financial Services (44)(0) 20 7350 5473 or by email at  or use the currency converter on my home page to check rates or register for service.

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