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Ontario to Calgary

January 20, 2011


This letter is written as a testimonial to a very nice and kind person.

     I was recently transferred to Calgary from Toronto and was introduced to Chloe Cartwright by my Realtor/Brother-in-Law.  Chloe, he said, was a Buyer’s Agent.  At the time, I had no idea that there was a difference but now after viewing over 45 homes and making offers on 4, I get the picture.  Chloe takes the Buyer’s Agent service to a totally different level.  Here’s how.
     Being from the east, we had no idea where we wanted to settle in Calgary but because of my office location, we concentrated on the South-West sector of the city.  What my wife and I did know was that we wanted a view of the mountains, a larger-than-postage-stamp size lot and a house we could call home.  Chloe set about finding us this.  She tirelessly sent listings for us to view and relentlessly set up viewings for me after work hours.  Frequently, Chloe would pick me up and show me the listings my wife and I had selected. 
     She would arrive at my door at 6 pm and we would be out some nights until 10.  She did this without any complaint or even an indication of inconvenience.  We came close to purchasing 3 homes before finally settling in Cochrane ourselves.  A far cry from the SW of Calgary but we have exactly what we were looking for and at a price we could not believe -all because of Chloe’s patience, understanding of our preferences and then quietly pointing us in the direction of Cochrane.  She took my wife to lunch at a golf course in Cochrane, showed her a home and even though we did not think that house was “us” we did fall for the area.  It had the wide open spaces and an up-close mountain view. 
     It took a few viewings to find our perfect home but Chloe’s patience and support were there throughout.  Once we entered the offer stage she really showed what a Buyer’s Agent does by guiding us in the negotiations with sage advice and voraciously bargaining on our behalf with the seller’s agent.   Chloe was quick with referrals for Home Inspectors, Financing, Legal services, cleaning services, etc.  We could not get the closing date we needed to move directly into our new home but Chloe offered to rent us her Garden Suite; we had a comfortable place to stay for the 3 weeks until we had possession. 
     To anyone looking for a Buyer’s Agent, there is none better than Chloe Cartwright.

Greg & Blossom Braganza

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