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Potton's Ponderings Chapter 9

Canada Story So Far

Chapter Nine


Well… Not much has happened since our last update in October.  The weather has turned with a thin layer of snow on the ground and the temperature dropped to -20c yesterday.  It is warming up again and when the wind has dropped it is actually quite pleasant in the sun. 

Our biggest news at this point is that we will be returning to England for a week at the end of January 2012.  The main reason for this is that my Nana (Dad’s Mum) is very sick (Cancer) and so Lauren and I want to go back and spend a couple of days with her.  There is little the Doctors can do at this point other than wait and see if her radiotherapy has helped.  This is the major problem with living abroad as we have had to make some tough choices with regards to other events next year and our own wedding as we may have to return later on in 2012 should anything more serious happen to Nana. 

 So…  we will be landing on the 28 January and staying in Macclesfield with Lauren’s Mum & Dad for the 28th & 29th.  We will then head to Nana’s on the 30th & 31st.  We are looking at staying somewhere in Yorkshire on the night of the 31st so we can see people that way on (ahem, open to offers…) and then we will head over to Blackpool on the 1st February to see everyone there.  On the 2nd February we will then head down to Chester (staying with Graham and Steve – I’ve just invited us, haha) to see all of our friends in Chester and then we will head back to Lauren’s Mum and Dad in Macclesfield for the 3rd Feb before flying back on the 4th Feb.

We would love to see as many of you as possible and once we get places to stay sorted we will then pick a pub in each of the locations to meet everyone on the nights of 31st Jan (Yorkshire), 1st Feb (Blackpool), 2nd Feb (Chester) and 3rd Feb (Macclesfield).  We know they are all weeknights but those were the cheapest flights we could find so we hope to at least mooch a beer from as many of you as possible J

As I said before, life continues on as normal over here.  The snow on the ground and roads made me very aware of the sheer fun/terror of driving a rear wheel drive truck J  The river is already beginning to ice and the mountains are calling to me. 

I am working hard with Search & Rescue and have passed my firearms certificate – yes, I can now legally own a gun!!!  I am now working on passing the Hunters Education course so that I will be able to hunt deer next year (with a bow) and fill our chest freezer with lots of meat.  Lauren is eagerly learning how to butcher a deer to save yet more money – for a vegetarian she is a bit of a savage!

Lauren is working hard as a volunteer stage manager for the Cochrane Drama Group and the Cinderella pantomime is fast approaching.  I have managed to keep myself pretty distanced from this because, as far as I can tell, the actors spend a lot of time shouting at one & other and saying things like “I can’t work under these conditions!!!” 

Work continues as normal for both of us, not much else to add there really… 

I am counting down the days until I can put our Christmas tree up (13 ½ days!!!) and I am eagerly awaiting the DVD of ‘The Snowman’ to arrive.  Canadian’s haven’t heard of The Snowman and so I look forward to introducing them all to the wonder of little Aled Jones, flying snowmen and a jolly Father Christmas J  Lauren, I think, is dreading the arrival of the tree and is already finding me difficult especially when I see little Christmas decorations and attempt to buy them – she actually rugby tackled me to the ground and forcibly removed an ornament from my hand yesterday.  She is also getting quite good at sniffing out other ornaments and tree decorations hidden under other items in the shopping trolley… 

Boomer and Digger are enjoying the snow and I am finding that a lot of people are coming to me for help with their own dogs and so I will soon be beginning to charge for this.  Digger has been as good as gold and hasn’t attacked anyone or anything in quite a while – although we do strap him down to a skateboard and pull him along at the off-leash J

Well…  that is enough of my ramblings for now.  I will be nipping down to Bragg Creek to see if the moose are about and Lauren will soon be heading out to another Panto practice. 

Will be in touch in December and hope to see lots of you when we come over in January.

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