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Sikomi Lake Beach - Fran's Fun Days Out

Great Days Out at Sikomi Lake Beach

     I love feeling the sand between my toes and splish-splashing around in the water.  And I didn’t have to drive for 10 hours to get to the coast because Calgary has its very own beachLake Sikome is just off of the Marquis of Lorne Trail (22X) and is part of the Fish Creek Provincial Park.  It is a man-made lake but that didn’t deter me.  It covers about 100 acres, has a very wide sandy beach area; the lake itself is big enough for dinghies, lilos and the like. 

    There are changing rooms and an ice cream shop, and barbecues are permitted in this beautiful, well-kept park.  Parking and entrance is free which made me happy - you can’t get much cheaper than that!   The children I took loved the large play structure and there was fencing all around to keep them safe, as well as lifeguards strategically positioned around the lake (it is about 5ft deep in the middle). 

     The only downside was I couldn’t take my furry friend with me - no dogs allowed - but at least the beach area is free from doggie poop!  There are some fantastic hikes to be had around the perimeter of the park too.   For more information about this aquatic facility and it’s location try:

Fran, August 17th, 2010

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