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Skilled Worker list for PR Immigration

The information given in this post is in regard to the FEDERAL immigration program.  There is another avenue via the PROVINCIAL program (Alberta Provincial Immigrant Nominee Program)

I did some searching around on the web site this weekend and finally found the well hidden list of occupations for Permanent Residency as a Skilled Worker.  The revamped program allows a total of 10,000 applications per year with no more than 500 in each of the categories.  Proof of training and experience is required.  This application stream does NOT require a job offer.  Read the application carefully, you do not need an immigration consultant or lawyer to be successful - just careful reading and detailed responses.

If you DO have a job offer and are not on the above list - there is still a way for you to immigrate, it is a different form/process.  Information about this stream is on the website as well.  You will also find the applicable forms and details about coming to Canada to be a student where you can obtain training in one of the occupations listed above, then apply for Residency once you are qualified.  Of course all of these programs require that you meet other criteria for immigration such as health and background checks. 

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