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Spruce Meadows - Fran's Fun Days Out

Spruce Meadows - Something for Everyone

     If horses are your thing, and I have to say they aren’t my cup of tea, then a must is Spruce Meadows.  I have never really been a horsey lover but I absolutely adored this place.  There are international show jumping events held year round.  Sometimes these can be a wee bit pricey but we enjoyed The Masters held in September for just $5 (look for offers in the newspapers).  If things equine don't send you into a galloping frenzy, then you can enjoy a leisurely walk through the Plaza, which will provide you with a diverse cultural experience.  

     The boutiques with their inventories from around the world, and the multitude of country pavilions provide an assortment of food and beverages sure to entice you.  From the Austrian stand - schnitzels and hot beef goulash soup; from Denmark - Kransekage and Wienerbrod (to me and you that's those gorgeous Danish pastries we all love); from Germany - Streudel and Bratwurst and my personal favourite the Polish Pierogi's with sour cream, onions and bacon bits!  Of course, there are also treats from Canada (burgers and beer!!), Britain (fish and chips by any chance?) and Italy to name a few more.  

     My boys enjoyed the large play area, the wagon and pony rides and the wildly entertaining Prairie Dogs Show (actually I think was shouting louder than they were during this!).  Oh and just two more things to mention, lots of famous people attend (although I have yet to see someone!) AND British and Canadians do very, very well in the competition (hoorah something we are good at)!  For more information on prices, directions and events take a look at

Fran, September 27th, 2010.

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