Moving to Alberta? Get the facts on buying!

Your move to Alberta from another province or country is a major decision and is sure to be an exciting experience for you and your family. You're likely looking forward to having a new place to call home. When it comes to buying your new home in Alberta, you will find that things are done a bit differently in here, so it's best to really familiarize yourself with the system and to find someone to help you through the process and look after your interests.

One of the most important things to remember about real estate in Alberta is that you need a REALTOR® to show you property listings that you are interested in - rather than calling the Listing Realtor who works for the sole benefit of the Seller - work with an Accredited Buyers Representative.  This will be the best use of your time.  A Realtor with a good set of listening skills can help you describe your perfect new community, giving concrete advise on areas that are suited to your family's needs.  They can save you time, money and the necessity of making a multitude of phone calls setting up appoints to view homes that are not suited to you.  Realors are bonded, trained and licensed and all Realtors share the MLS data base enabling your Realtor to show you ANY listing on MLS.  We make appointments, escort you through properties and act as your Agent in negotiating the purchase contract.  In fact, it is unlikely you will ever meet the Sellers.

To learn more about buying property in Alberta, please feel free to explore the resources on this site, including:

If you are planning to move to a province other than Alberta, or are moving from province to province, you will find a number of helpful articles in Chloe's blog.

With her extensive experience as a REALTOR® as an ACCREDITED BUYERS REPRESENTATIVE with Century 21 The Professionals Ltd. and her knowledge of Alberta's communities, Chloe Cartwright can be your guide and advocate as you make this momentous move. She'll help you navigate Alberta's differences so that you will find your perfect home. For more on how she can help you make your move to Alberta, learn more about Chloe.  And it would be wise to familiarize yourself on the information about the Selling Process (next tab over) so you will understand more about why it is important to 'Buy Right'.

No matter where you're coming from - the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Belgium, the United States, or anywhere else - Chloe Cartwright can help you every step of the way.

If you'd like more information on buying property in Alberta, please contact Chloe.