RENTALS: but first A Word of Caution!

Internet Fraud is rampant everywhere in the world and that means Canada as well. In the recent, and not so recent past, criminally minded people have been advertising property for rent, posing as landlords and collecting money on property they do not own.  DO NOT agree to rent something unseen or send money to a landlord who cannot prove he owns the property.

Other facts; Landlords in Canada generally (99% of the time) do not offer furnished accommodations, they prefer that you bring your own furniture, sign-up and pay for all utilities yourself, and commit to a lease of 1 year. That way their rental income is secure and their property is occupied and cared for during that lease period. Like our Real Estate Purchase Contracts Lease Contracts are legally binding documents and as a party to that contract you can be sued for breaching it. Additionally, most landlords do not allow pets and many do not allow children so be upfront with the landlord about the number and type of family members you have. Surprising the landlord with ‘extra’ inhabitants could find you in ‘breach of contract as well. Unlike the UK and some other countries Canadian rental contracts are upheld by the courts and you could find yourself with expensive court imposed commitments.

I know you are cautious and want to ensure you are making a good decision before you purchase a home. That is a rational, logical way to relocate and to that end I am supplying a list of web-sites so that you can;
1.  do some research regarding costs and
2. start to find suitable accommodations

BUT please do not commit to taking a property until you are here and have seen it in person.  NO!  Photographs will not due! The location (community) is an extremely important aspect of your relocation success. If you end up in the wrong community you will wish you never made the move here. You NEED to view the property, confirm by way of legal title search that the individual is the legal owner, and check the ‘landlord’s photo identification to make sure they match up. With just 5 minutes of training you will easily handle this.

To aid you in this process I have several short-term furnished accommodations (other tab) that will provide you with a clean, comfortable home base while you search for your longer term accommodations whether renting or purchasing. These short-term furnished accommodations can be viewed here under the lthe tab 'Short Term Furnished'.  As a further aid to your research you can have a look at these public web-sites for rentals , , , and in our largest Calgary newspaper  (in the classified ads section) Use these as an education tool to become familiar with prices and location.  Wait until you get here to view them in person, check out the credentials of the landlord and then pay your deposit, etc.

Take Care! And I hope this article has been useful to you. I’d love to be of assistance to you in this process so please feel free to contact me if you think I can help.  Please review the Blog topic 'Contracts' as well.