Alberta is divided into 69 Counties or Municipal Districts (see map here: within driving distance of Calgary there are 9 Counties (see map below) that people consider when searching for that perfect new rural home.  The general area is one with the vast Rocky Mountains to the west and the seemingly unending prairies to the east which is sometimes referred to as the 'Bread Basket of the World'. The most popular County is Rockyview which is shaped like an upside down horseshoe to the west, north and east of Calgary.  It is progressive, inclusive and welcoming to newcomers.  This online information will give you a place to start your explorations for your perfect acreage in Alberta.  You will find MLS property listings for acreages for sale in each county on the drop down menu under this 'Rural' tab.
If you are looking for information on larger parcels of land further away from Calgary - I would be pleased to help.  I am Licenced for Farm & Ranch sales and can send you Farm & Ranch listings directly to your email account.  Please be aware that there are rules on Foreign Ownership of Alberta Lands, you can read about them here:  This is written as a fairly technical document.  The short explanation of this is there is an ownership limit of 20 acres for non-citizens/permanent residents unless the land is an asset of a corporation wherein the majority of the shareholders are permanent residents/canadian citizens.  If this is your situation please write to me and the email address in the header and I would be pleased to answer your questions on a case by case basis. 
There are more maps available on the 'Library' tab including one for all of Alberta's highways and Alberta's Counties.

Map of Counties outside of Calgary