Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions related to selling a property. Take a look through them to get an idea of what will be involved in selling your home and how Chloe can assist with the process.

1. What is the first thing I need to do if I want to sell my home?

The first thing you should do is to get together all documents relevant to your home. These include:

  • Title
  • Real Property Report
  • Property Tax bill
  • Mortgage Information
  • Utility bills

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2. Are there any ways that I can prepare my home to sell quickly and for the highest possible price?

Absolutely! And often all it takes is a little old-fashioned elbow grease. A property is more likely to sell if buyers can picture themselves living in the home. Here are some tips to make your home buyer friendly:

  • De-clutter: remove all personal items from display, including taking down family photographs and removing knick-knacks. Clear out closets, boxing up any extra clothing or donating them to charity. This is a great time to get rid of things you no longer need. As a bonus, this will help you get ready for your own move when your home sells.  This takes work!  You want to give the impression there is space galore, lots of room for the new owner to fit their furniture and other belongings.
  • Clean: Nothing sells a home quicker than the appearance that it has been well taken care of. Buyers like homes that are clean and fresh. To accomplish this be sure to vacuum daily, dust furniture and light fixtures, clean windows inside and out, wash walls, patch any holes in the walls, replace old fixtures and make any minor necessary repairs. Also pay attention to eliminating odours, like diaper pails, cigarette smoke, pets or litter boxes.  You may have become accustomed to those odors and not notice them anymore but they may be overpowering to others.  AND don't try to mask the smell with room freshners or deodorizers, it just compounds the problem.
  • Check out the view from the outside: Take a look at your property from the street. Does the exterior need new paint? Is the lawn looking overgrown? Are the light fixtures outdated? Make any necessary small repairs and put a fresh coat of paint on any areas that look faded or dirty. Depending on what season it is when you are selling your home, make sure that leaves are raked, the lawn is cut, snow is shoveled, put out flowerpots in the summer and make sure there's a welcome mat at your front door. Update fixtures like the mailbox, doorknob and doorbell, if necessary.
  • Set the mood: Set up your home's rooms so that buyers can walk through them without bumping into furniture and so that the purpose of each room is immediately apparent. Any room which is not being used for it's intended purpose - put the purpose back in it. Arrange furniture so that it showcases the room's best feature, such as a fireplace or large window. Remove any extra furniture, paint the walls a neutral colour and put up a mirror. The neutral paint will ensure that potential buyers will be able to picture their belongings in the room and the addition of a mirror instantly makes small rooms seem bigger.
  • Purchase a Home Protection Plan: This insurance protects you, the seller, from paying repair or replacement costs of major items during the listing period. It also protects the buyer during their first year of homeownership.

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3. What is a Listing Agreement?

You will be asked to sign a Listing Agreement when you select Chloe to sell your property. This is a contract between you (the Seller) and the listing Broker. As your REALTOR®, Chloe is legally considered an extension of the Broker (Century 21 The Professionals Ltd.).The Listing Agreement describes the property that is being sold and sets out the terms under which it will be sold. This document also states your agreement to have Chloe market your property for a set period of time and that you will pay her a commission (generally a percentage of the sale price) when the property is sold.

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4. How can Chloe help me to sell my property?

In selecting a REALTOR® to help you sell your property, you will be making sure that your interests are looked after. REALTORS® are extensively trained, educated and bonded so you can be confident that they will navigate you successfully through the selling process. REALTORS® in Alberta must have a minimum of a grade 12 education, participate in intensive training for one month by the Alberta Real Estate Association. In order to work as a REALTOR in Calgary, REALTORS®® must also train for one week with the Calgary Real Estate Board. REALTORS® must pass all exams before they can begin working and they must remain free of a criminal record.  Chloe also has a university degree in Social Work and many, many courses in marketing.  She is an avid participant in the digital world.

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5. I am a bit nervous about letting strangers into my home during open houses. Do you have any pointers for protecting myself during the selling process?

  • Chloe will always call you to confirm a request for an appointment to view your home.
  • Lock up and hide collectibles and valuables

  • Remember, "For Sale" signs bring in buyers.
  • Remind your children to neveropen the door to strangers.
  • If you have pets, make sure they are controlled

  • Remove any dangerous items

Talk to Chloe about additional safety tips to help protect you and your family.

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