Thirty minutes north of Cochrane, off Highway 22 (locally called “The Cowboy Trail”) and 8 km west is the peaceful community of Water Valley. Located within the County of Mountainview (see links on the rural - Mountainview tab) and situated in the far SE section of the County, it is nestled into the foothills of the Rockies, surrounded by poplar and spruce forests. This collection of homes, acreages and unique businesses is practically self-sustaining. A comfortable enclave it boasts a vibrant community centre, library, cafés, general store, plus various shops and a golf course. It is home to an eclectic collection of Artists, Writers and Musicians as well as a wide variety of corporate employees who choose to work from home.

A panoramic 50-minute drive from Calgary, this quaint, small village is a hive of activity. Explore the back roads to discover scattered art galleries, gift shops, fly fishing outfitters, seasonal farmer’s markets, and an annual Celtic Music Festival that transforms the area residents into “gentle folk from ye Olde Country” with multiple performing stages for strumming and drumming.

The Water Valley Saloon and Roadhouse on Chicken Wing Night is a prominent choice attracting residents and visitors from afar. Other unique features include the Derry & Wallis Trading Company, The Fallen Timber Meadery (yummy honey products!), and the exotic Ataraxia Lodge.

With the Little Red Deer River and Winchell Lake nearby… fishing, hunting, hiking, trail riding and camping are experiences that await you and your family. For more information see

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